Friday, August 5, 2011

Sea Turtles And Crazy Tans

I mentioned recently that I’ve been receiving blog visitors referred from links in the Montel Williams Wikipedia site, and that this concerned me.  I want to make it clear that I have nothing against Montel Williams, Wikipedia, or their respective attorneys who have in no way contacted me with legal documents containing offers that I couldn’t refuse. (Nor would the fine firm of Luka, Brazzi & Corleone ever do such a thing! Ha ha! Ridiculous! I’m not nervous and sweaty!)  Anyway, Mr. Williams and Mr. Pedia are in no way the target of any of my whimsical barbs.  Just so that’s clear and concise, in a completely friendly and non-libelous way that allows my thumbs to remain intact.
I’m simply concerned about the referral links because A) With his page having a noticeable lack of flatulence references, I have no idea what we have in common that connects Montel & I, B) I can’t locate the actual link that is sending people to my joke blog, and C) ”Montel & I” sounds like an overly dramatic, poorly written indie film or after school special, involving some sort of family tension or rehab-induced self-awakening journey; the kind that makes aromatic people who are lounging in coffee shops at 10AM on a Tuesday have deep, earnest conversations about the importance of focusing your life.  With all that in mind, you can certainly understand why I’d want this investigated.  I mean, is my joke blog special, or are all joke blogs connected to random celebrity Wikipedia pages?  If so, why?  Does it have something to do with Global Warming, Tom Brady or possibly even the Chaos Theory?  Also, of all the celebrities out there, why Montel Williams?  Why not Ryan Seacrest or John Stewart, or even (dare I say it?) basketball legend Granville Waiters?  Would my personal celebrity link change if I made fewer gas jokes, and more about Barney Frank or Dancing With The Stars?  With so many legitimate and not at all random questions swirling, I put on my Detective hat and did some sleuthing. (I also put on my Detective socks and my Meter Maid pashmina, just FYI)
I tried the direct approach first, contacting Montel Williams directly.  His response was a rather predictable “I’m not THAT Montel Williams, he probably lives in Hollywood or something, now please stop calling my home.”  Stymied, I’ve resorted to the only remaining means of contacting The Big Montel, namely posting random Facebook updates and blogging about him, then heading off to drink beer and watch TV while hoping he notices. (I wonder if “Montel & I” will be nominated for a Daytime Emmy?)  Since I know all celebrities militantly monitor their social media pages, it’s only a matter of time before Montel sees this and invites me to his house, so we can discuss the matter over finger sandwiches and Bugles.  Perhaps even some of those cocktail wieners with the BBQ sauce.  At any rate, I’ve done all I can.  It’s out of my hands now.
If you have any other ideas on solving this mystery, please let me know either here or via Wikipedia.  Preferably through the William Shatner page.
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... joking along, singing a song ...
A new study suggests that at one time, Earth had two smaller moons that crashed together and formed one larger mass.  In a related story, TMZ is reporting that this is the exact same way Kirstie Alley was formed.
Meteorologists announced today that the current drought could extend into 2012.  They then said it could be over next week.  They then admitted they had no clue (because let’s face it, meteorology is about as exacting as sports handicapping and tarot cards) but enjoyed all the attention they get from female reporters whenever they make announcements.
The impact of a series of solar flares began arriving at Earth on Friday.  Most noticeably, John Boehner and George Hamilton are now so dark they may need to check the box for “African American” or at least “Pacific Islander” on their next census form.
Wikipedia says that it is losing contributors.  Of course, this was on the same Wikipedia page that said Brett Favre was really retired for good this time, so who knows if it’s true.  
A federal grand jury has indicted a Las Vegas man on charges he sent more than 27 million spam messages to Facebook users.  On the upside, he did manage to sell nearly two dozen pair of extremely tacky high-heeled shoes.  So there’s that.
The new Samsung Conquer 4G phone will be sold exclusively by Sprint.  In other words, no one will buy the new Samsung Conquer 4G phone.
Tiger Woods looked to be in top form in his return to golf, shooting a 68 on his first day back.  He looked to be in even better form that night, getting a 69 with a waitress at Perkins.
A badly injured sea turtle that underwent a year of rehabilitation and innovative surgeries was released by caretakers, who say they hope he finds a mate.  I’m sure he will; chicks dig scars.
A recently released study shows the twenty best places to protect marine mammals.  At the top of the list?  In the water.
Researchers for the first time have turned human skin cells into working brain cells.  The breakthrough gives hope to fat, stupid guys who could possibly be turned into fat, smart guys.
Scientists say they have developed a sensor that can accurately detect whether or not date-rape drugs are in a beverage.  Ladies, if you’re suspicious enough of this guy to chemically test your own drink, maybe you should just not drink it at all?  Perhaps just leave?  Maybe not date guys who drive windowless panel vans?  Just sayin’...

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