Sunday, October 3, 2010

Daily Monologue Jokes 10/3

Short day today, home with the fam for the first time in a month.  Back to what passes for normal tomorrow.

China offered on Saturday to buy Greek government bonds when Athens resumes issuing.  All they ask in return is that Greece tell everyone once and for all the proper pronunciation of “gyro.”
The US State Department has warned Americans traveling in Europe to be vigilant of terror attacks.  They also said that if you’re in Asia, be carefree and unobservant.  Finally they said that if you’re in Hawaii, could you bring them back some pineapple barbecue sauce from Dole Plantation?  OR They also said if you’re on the US Ryder Cup team in Europe, put the ball in the frickin’ hole!
The California legislature is set to vote Monday on a new budget for 2011.  On Tuesday, the California legislature is set to vote on “emergency” spending provisions that will far eclipse the so-called budget.
Under a new Post Office rule that takes effect Sunday, if a flat piece of mail that's longer than ten inches droops too much, it will cost more to mail in bulk.  The San Francisco Postmaster General is resisting the rule, saying “Hey, if there’s something longer than ten inches, we’ll make sure it’s not droopy at all.”
Ireland's brief economic upturn showed further signs of petering out on Friday, with the release of weak manufacturing and retail sales data.  Luckily it happened at the start of the weekend, so no one in Ireland will remember it come Monday.
Bank of America Corp has suspended some of its mortgage foreclosures in California.  In a completely and totally I swear not at all related story, I need to make a call to my bank about stopping payment on a certain check.
The male erotic dancer company Chippendales stumbled on Friday when an appeals court ruled that it could not trademark the bow tie and shirt cuffs that the men wear.  The three male judges on the court said they needed more “comparative information,” and sent a subpoena for a “panel of experts” from The Spearmint Rhino Gentleman’s Club.  OR What the judges really wanted to know was how to get women to pay you to wave your willie in their face.

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